Agile Marketing…why you NEED it!

Agile marketing is a tactical marketing approach in which teams identify and focus their collective efforts on high value projects, complete those projects cooperatively, measure their impact, and then continuously and incrementally improve the results over time.

Agile Marketing

Anyone trying to increase their exposure and business automatically defaults to the “old school” way of doing things in marketing and advertising. Don’t get me wrong, those have worked for decades (Literally!) but those days are now gone. So how are you going to adapt to today’s world with the ever changing cycles?

News cycles, Hastags, Trends, and Topics don’t change in a matter of months now, they can change in a matter of hours. A simple example is today’s politics. Listen to the news in the morning and it is already forgotten by lunch. Same can be send for products or services businesses offer to their customers. A customer’s view could be completely changed by a simple post they caught on social media. Maybe they didn’t read the whole article but just saw the headline. So how do you stay on top of what is trending for your business, your targeted market, or your customers?

What if you stumbled across a company that could help your business with today’s marketing? Here’s a HINT…. You already did! Stradics is a company fully investing itself into the Agile Marketing model. What could take months of research, now can take days or even hours if done right. Today’s world is all data driven and the great thing about Today’s world, data can be collected instantaneously. 

With Stradic’s “Sprint” approach to Agile Marketing, our clients can have the data they need in a matter of days and be able to change their strategies accordingly. Capturing the customers they WANT, When they want them, and seeing immediate growth and results.

Agile Marketing

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